Telinta Announces 100% Uptime In Wake of Hurricane Sandy

As you know, historic flooding and wind damage from the Hurricane Sandy has affected much of New Jersey, where the majority of the Telinta’s servers are located. The good news is that Telinta did not suffer any service interruption during Hurricane Sandy and remains 100% operational for the second week following the storm.

Telinta Announces 100% Uptime for Hurricane Sandy

Telinta understands that your services rely on our infrastructure and we are proud to have earned your business and trust. Telinta’s facilities proved to be well designed and equipped to handle power outages, telecommunication breakdowns, and other disasters, with 24×7 monitoring and multiple redundancies, which allow us, among other things, to automatically switch between different power sources..

“During the storm, the city lost power, and we automatically switched to using an independent power generator,” said Alex Ferdman, CEO.  “When it became clear that the electricity will not be restored quickly, a second generator was added to ensure the redundant power supply.  As the city continues its cleanup and restores electricity, our global team is working around the clock to ensure that Telinta continues to provide the highest level of service to our customers.  We offer condolences to all those affected by the Hurricane Sandy.”