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Are “VoIP” and “IP Telephony” the Same Thing?

Are “VoIP” and “IP Telephony” Really the Same Thing?

The terms IP Telephony and Voice over IP are used almost interchangeably, but a recent story in VoIP News asked the question “do they mean the same thing?” IP Telephony:  This refers to VoIP calls using specialized hardware.  In this definition, VoIP is a subset of IP telephony where “IP phones are specifically created for... Read More »

VoIP: The Future of Telephony

VoIP: The Future of Telephony

No industry ever stands still, especially telecom.  According to BusinessVoIP, “While it seems there is a new technology out every five minutes, the common denominator for new features and processes has always been IP.” “There is no doubt that the way in which VoIP services are delivered is changing how businesses communicate. With its low... Read More »