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Offer Work-at-Home VoIP services to business customers when and where they need.

Work at Home Employment Grows

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics released a study showing that 23% (nearly one in four employees) worked from home.  This trend has grown steadily for over a decade. This growth is good news for VoIP service providers who can offer work at home employees the seamless communications they demand.  Hosted PBX solutions can easily... Read More »

VoIP Forecasted to Continue Strong Growth

VoIP Forecasted to Continue Strong Growth

According to Transparency Market Research, the forecast for VoIP growth continues to look strong.  Transparency noted that today’s global economy fosters a highly competitive environment for businesses, driving them to seek innovative telecom solutions to maximize their efficiency and productivity across all areas.  In short, VoIP helps all types of businesses to better compete. As... Read More »