Monthly Archives: October 2015

APIs for your VoIP Business!

APIs are the Way to Do Business!

Telephony Magazine recently published a feature article explaining the value of doing business via Application Programming Interfaces, APIs.  The article cited external experts, such as Forrester Research, who called APIs “the poster child of digital transformation” and Gartner, who believes that “half of all business-to-business collaboration will take place through web APIs by 2017, and... Read More »

MVNO + Mobile VoIP

MVNO + Mobile Softphone = Seamless Mobile Solution

Integration is “in” – now more than ever. One major advantage in doing business with Telinta is that our full portfolio of white label solutions for VoIP service providers can easily be bundled and billed together. For mobile, Telinta has taken this integration one step further between Telinta’s innovative TeliSIMTM MVNO solution and Telinta’s TeliGlobeTM... Read More »