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Cloud-based “hosted” solutions offer the flexibility that VoIP businesses need

Why use a Hosted Switching Solution?

More and more industries are discovering the advantages of cloud-based “hosted” solutions, and VoIP businesses no exception.  Hosted solutions offer the economy and flexibility that both new and existing VoIP businesses need. Here’s 5 reasons why: No Capital Investment Hosted solutions means that you can run your business, while someone else runs the servers, software... Read More »

How can Social Media help a VoIP business to grow? Telinta has the answer.

Can Social Media Help your VoIP Business?

Social Media is an integral part of today’s marketing.  But how can Social Media help a VoIP business to grow? Let’s take a closer look… Increased visibility in search engines: Search engines, like Google and others, not only comb websites and news, but they also cover Social Media.  If you have a Social Media page,... Read More »