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With cutting-edge VoIP and cloud-based solutions, offering Hosted PBX has never been easier

How to Start a Hosted PBX Business

In many parts of the world, business customers are demanding more flexibility, features and control than legacy telecom service providers can provide.  The result is that Hosted PBX is one of the fastest growing telecom opportunities worldwide. Using the power of cutting-edge Voice-over-IP technology and advanced cloud-based solutions, starting a Hosted PBX business has never... Read More »

APIs enable you to integrate services from different providers into a cohesive solution for your customers

Can APIs Help my VoIP Business?

VoIP service providers often ask “How can APIs help my VoIP business?”  Telinta has the answer. APIs enable you to easily integrate services you purchase from different providers into a cohesive solution that you offer to your customers. No one knows this better than Telinta, and we have integrated APIs for many industry-leading partners offering... Read More »