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VoIP service providers can automatically process credit cards as a convenient payment option.

Automatic Credit Card Payments

VoIP service providers benefit from the ability to automatically process credit card payments.  This enables them to provide a convenient payment option to their customers, as well as protecting their cash flow and reducing uncollectibles. Examples of automatic payments include: Balance-driven Payments When your customer’s prepaid balance falls below a certain threshold, their pre-defined credit... Read More »

Many VoIP service providers sell though a network of channel partners to increase their reach

Channel Partners for your VoIP Business

Many successful VoIP service providers choose to sell through their own network of channel partners as a cost-effective way to increase their reach.  Whether your business operates in Las Vegas, London, Lima, or Lagos – having a well-developed sales channel can help you grow your business by reaching more customers. Some examples: Resellers:  These are... Read More »