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Telinta provides a brandable mobile softphone app for VoIP service providers to offer OTT calling.

Brandable Mobile Softphone

One of the most attractive segments of the fast-growing VoIP marketplace is Mobile VoIP.  Mobile VoIP lets your customers make over-the-top (OTT) calling via a convenient smartphone app called a Mobile Softphone. With a Mobile Softphone app, you can enable your users to: Easily run a small business with their mobile phone. Better control their... Read More »

How can I offer prepaid VoIP?

How to Offer Prepaid VoIP

New customers often ask us how to offer Prepaid VoIP services. Prepaid VoIP is perhaps one of the most attractive segments of telecom, with a wide variety of services being offered this way. What do you need to offer Prepaid VoIP? The most important capability needed for Prepaid VoIP is real-time billing.  This enables you... Read More »