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Building a successful VoIP business requires putting together a variety of providers, including compliance-related services

What is CALEA?

Countries in some parts of the world have guidelines and regulations regarding telecom services.  While these vary from location to location, regulations may include things like E911 emergency calling, taxation, and lawful intercept.  In the US, the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA) helps law enforcement and telecom companies to work together when needed.... Read More »

Easily provide Hosted PBX Auto-Attendants for your VoIP users with Telinta’s hosted softswitch and billing solutions.

How to provide an auto-attendant for Hosted PBX

Offering an impressive Auto-Attendant for your Hosted PBX users can be a significant advantage for your ITSP business. Auto-Attendants (also called Automated Attendants, Digital Receptionists, Virtual Receptionists, and other names around the globe) provide your Hosted PBX customers with a customizable series of touchtone prompts to better direct inbound calls.  Features like “Press 1 for... Read More »