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Hosted Switching and Billing for ITSPs. Brandable portals, real-time CDRs, and more.

Brandable Portals for VoIP Providers

Many ITSPs and VoIP service providers ask the question “How can I offer Brandable Web Portals to my Customers?” Cutting-edge VoIP services today can be offered with online user interfaces, enabling your customers to perform certain self-service functions.  If you customers can take care of themselves, it means you don’t have to and this frees... Read More »

Use video-capable IP phones and our brandable mobile softphone to offer video calling.

How to offer Video Calling

One fast-growing opportunity for VoIP service providers today is video calling.  Now more than ever, this capability can help you win and retain attractive business customers. Two popular ways to provide video calling: 1.  Mobile Softphone App Many end users are already comfortable using their smartphone for video calls.  A brandable mobile softphone application that... Read More »