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Sell wholesale DIDs and Toll-Free phone numbers to ITSPs and businesses: cloud-based softswitch and billing.

How to Sell Wholesale Phone Numbers

Want to start a business selling wholesale phone numbers?  This growing opportunity for selling phone numbers (also called DIDs) exists all around the world, where VoIP service providers buy phone numbers to resell them to their customers.  Businesses seek local phone numbers in many countries to appeal to their international customer base.  You can provide... Read More »

Customizable IVR is vital to any VoIP business. “How can I customize IVR?” It’s easy.

IVR for your VoIP Business

IVR is an important part of any VoIP business.  “How can I customize IVR?”  With Telinta, it’s easy. Interactive Voice Response enables your business to provide many capabilities for both end users and the people that call them. Hosted PBX The fast-growing market for cloud-based PBX services relies heavily upon IVR.  Whether callers press 1... Read More »