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Telinta has built an impressive ecosystem of partners via API to help your VoIP business grow.

What can APIs do for your VoIP business?

How can you easily access the products and services you need to run a VoIP business?  How can ITSPs easily offer cohesive, seamless VoIP services to their customers and resellers? In many ways, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) can help you. Simply put, an API integrates the data of one company with another.  It links that... Read More »

Why is using your own DIDs and VoIP Termination routes so important for your VoIP business?

Using your own VoIP Termination and DID providers is important.

Why is using your own DID providers and VoIP Termination carriers so important for your VoIP business? Since 2002, Telinta has frequently discussed this important question with VoIP service providers.  Over the years, we’ve learned that having this choice is crucial for your VoIP business. While one-stop shopping may “seem” like a good idea to... Read More »