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How can you prepare for STIR/SHAKEN? Telinta’s hosted softswitch is a highly flexible solution for ITSPs.

STIR/SHAKEN and your VoIP Business

Many VoIP service providers will need to make some important decisions regarding new regulations in the US to help combat illegal robocalling that spoofs Caller ID.  Even if your company is not based in the US, this regulation could affect traffic you send to the US. Known as STIR/SHAKEN, the new methodologies may offer upsides... Read More »

Enable your VoIP users to perform self-service functions with Telinta’s brandable end user portals.

Self-Care Portals for your VoIP Users

VoIP users become more and more sophisticated every year.  As they gain experience in configuring a wide variety of other technology services, they want to customize their VoIP services as well.  Self-care portals are important, whether you provide business services like Hosted PBX and SIP Trunks, or consumer services such as prepaid VoIP. Common user... Read More »