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How can I offer a mobile extension for my Hosted PBX business?

Offering Mobile Extensions for PBX

ITSPs often ask “How can I add a mobile extension for my Hosted PBX users?”  Adding mobility to your PBX services gives you four important advantages: It differentiates your service above competitors who do not offer mobile extensions.  Conversely, if your competitors offer this (and you do not) then your business could fall behind. Mobile... Read More »

Does your softswitch provider sell the same VoIP services you do?

Does your Softswitch provider compete against you?

Many VoIP providers sell services to business customers:  Offices, factories, restaurants, retailers, and a myriad of other business user types. To do this, your hosted softswitch provider becomes the central pillar upon which your ITSP business is built.  It is perhaps the most important decision a VoIP service provider can make. But some hosted softswitch... Read More »