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What Hosted PBX features can I offer?


One popular feature for VoIP providers is Voicemail-to-Email.  When your user receives a voicemail, a copy of the recording is sent to a predefined email address as an attachment. This feature is attractive to both business and consumer users.  For travelers, it can be vital. Voicemail-to-Email also brings benefits to the VoIP provider: Increased Minutes... Read More »

Brandable softphone for Windows and Mac, for your VoIP business.

Softphone for Windows and Mac

VoIP providers often need to offer a Softphone application for desktop and laptop computers.  This enables their users to make and receive VoIP calls, without any IP phone hardware.  A Softphone offers an opportunity for added revenue, as well as an advantage over competitors. What’s important in a Softphone for your VoIP business? Is it... Read More »