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How will robocall mitigation requirements affect your VoIP traffic? Ask Telinta.

STIR/SHAKEN and your VoIP Business:
Why are my Calls being Blocked?

With recent regulatory changes in the US taking effect on September 28, some VoIP providers may be asking “Why are my calls being blocked?” As part of regulatory efforts to mitigate robocalling, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has put forth a set of requirements (known as STIR/SHAKEN) which all telecom service providers (including VoIP providers,... Read More »

Offer a full portfolio of Hosted PBX features to your customers: Telinta’s Softswitch and Billing

Call Parking for your Hosted PBX business

What is Call Parking? Call Parking is a popular Hosted PBX feature that enables your users to place an active call on hold, which can then be picked up by another PBX extension.   After the call is parked, your user can freely make and receive other calls. This helps your business customers use your PBX... Read More »