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Voicemail transcription for your Hosted PBX, Mobile VoIP, and other services: Telinta and Google Cloud.

Affordable Voicemail Transcription with Telinta and Google Cloud

What is voicemail transcription?  Voicemail transcription, also known as voicemail-to-text (v2t) is a capability provided by third-party providers to complement your Telinta service.  This capability requires sending your voicemail to a third-party provider (ie, Google Cloud) who then performs the automated transcription.  The transcribed text is then sent to your user via a predefined email... Read More »

What are the benefits of real-time Call Detail Records (CDRs)? What does a VoIP CDR do?

Real-Time Billing for VoIP

What is Real-Time Billing?  Why is this important for your VoIP business? Billing is one of the most important parts of providing popular VoIP services such as Hosted PBX, SIP Trunks, calling via a Desktop or Mobile Softphone app, Work-from-Home VoIP, prepaid and postpaid VoIP calling, and more. Real-time Billing means that your customer’s Call... Read More »