Monthly Archives: January 2022

How can you offer SMS and MMS to your VoIP users? Ask Telinta.

How to offer Messaging with a Mobile Softphone

Messaging via mobile devices is one of the fastest-growing communications services worldwide.  Users are accustomed to sending short, quick messages to the people they interact with, often with photos, and both audio and video clips. For VoIP providers, messaging is an extremely attractive way to compete, and to boost your revenue.  If your competitors offer... Read More »

How can you serve VoIP resellers? Ask Telinta.

Resellers for your VoIP Business

Many VoIP service providers serve not just end users, but other service providers who purchase services to resell them.  Resellers offer economies of scale that can help drive your overall unit costs down, while boosting your profits. Having resellers offers many advantages, but only if you have the right resources to serve them. What do... Read More »