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How can you profit from selling VoIP to businesses with a hybrid work environment? Ask Telinta.

Hosted PBX for the
Hybrid Work Environment

What is a hybrid work environment?  This term describes yet another part of the “new normal” as companies search for the right balance between flexibility, efficiency, and worker safety. A recent article in Forbes Magazine cited that over 70% of workers want flexible remote work options to continue.  Businesses need the technology to support both... Read More »

How to start a prepaid VoIP business, with no hardware or software needed.

How to Sell Prepaid VoIP

Customers often ask us, “How can I provide prepaid VoIP?”  Prepaid calling is an important part of the VoIP industry.  This attractive service can help you win customers, with reduced risks. What kind of prepaid VoIP calling can you offer? Many popular VoIP services can be offered on a prepaid basis.  This includes VoIP calling... Read More »