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What do VoIP providers need to do for 988?

How does 988 affect your VoIP business
in the US?

988 is a three-digit code that offers a new way for callers in the USA to reach the Suicide Prevention Lifeline, a government-mandated service codified by The National Suicide Hotline Designation Act of 2020.  This act directed multiple federal organizations and industry providers to work together to create a simpler hotline phone number. Why not... Read More »

Create the reports you need to track your VoIP business success and profits with Telinta.

What Reports Can I Create
for my VoIP Business?

Running a VoIP business means you will need to track a variety of metrics to keep tabs on both your performance and profitability. What are your profits?  Per minute?  Per day?  Per month? How are your carriers performing?  Which provider benefits your business the most? Can you export call detail records when needed? Reporting is... Read More »