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How can customers subscribe to my VoIP service at my website?

Can your VoIP users sign up online?

Customers enjoy the speed and convenience of being able to make purchases online for just about any product or service they need.  VoIP is no exception. Offering online sign-up enables your customers to visit your website, and open their own account – without needing to interact with a live sales agent.  This “self-serve” capability lets... Read More »

How can automation help your VoIP business to grow? Ask Telinta.

Easy to Create New VoIP User Accounts?

For VoIP service providers, having the Switching and Billing tools you need to easily create new accounts is important. This becomes more vital as your business grows over time, and new customers begin to seek you out.  As your VoIP business becomes well-established in the markets you serve, your customers may start referring their friends... Read More »