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Why is Billing important to your VoIP business? Real-time CDRs, credit cards, and more.

How can Billing help your VoIP business?

When looking for a Billing solution, what should VoIP service providers look for? Billing is not just a utility function, but it can also be a competitive advantage. Switching and Billing are two vital functions within your VoIP business.  The more seamless and integrated they are, the simpler it is to run your business and... Read More »

How can your VoIP users easily sign up for services directly from your Mobile Softphone app?

“In-App” Sign-Up for Mobile VoIP

Mobile VoIP is one of the fastest growing segments of the global telecom marketplace.  As both businesses and consumers seek mobile solutions to meet everyday needs, the opportunity for VoIP service providers has never been better. Your Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) business needs a range of options for your users to open an account,... Read More »