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How can self-service portals help your ITSP business? Ask Telinta.

How can Brandable Portals help
your VoIP Business?

The phrase “what you see is what you get” might be a good fit for your VoIP service provider business.  Unlike a physical product, voice telephony is an intangible service, but the web-based portals you provide to your customers and resellers are something they can see with their own eyes. Why are portals important?  These... Read More »

How can you offer SMS and MMS with your VoIP services? Ask Telinta

How can you offer Messaging with your VoIP services?

One of the fastest growing facets of the communications industry is providing the ability for user to message one another.  Whether short text messages, photos, audio and video – including messaging as part of your service offer can help you to win customers. Messaging allows your users to communicate in short bursts, such as a... Read More »