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How can ITSPs meet FCC robocall regulations? Informative webinar with TransNexus and Telinta.

How can VoIP service providers meet FCC robocall regulations?

Since 2002, Telinta has built a robust ecosystem of industry-leading partners, bringing VoIP service providers the products and services they need to succeed. Telinta has teamed up with TransNexus to present an educational webinar to help customers comply with their regulatory requirements for robocall mitigation. Since 2021, solutions from TransNexus have been integrated with Telinta’s... Read More »

How can you offer brandable softphones to your Resellers. Ask Telinta.

Brandable Softphones for your Resellers

One very attractive way to grow your VoIP business is to have Resellers, which are smaller service providers who purchase services from your business to resell to their own customers. Providing brandable softphones to your Resellers can help their business to succeed, thus helping yours to grow too. Softphones enable your Resellers to participate in... Read More »