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ITSPs can win business customers with brandable VoIP solutions from Telinta: Hosted PBX, and more.

How Can ITSPs Win Business Customers?

Business customers are one important key to success for VoIP service providers.  But how can your ITSP business win and retain lucrative business users? Service Portfolio: Business customers want what they want, and their needs may change over time.  If you do not offer what they seek, then your business will suffer.  A gap in... Read More »

Telinta brings you the cloud-based switching and billing tools to build a profitable VoIP business.

Five Ways to Increase your
VoIP Profits

As you build your VoIP service provider business, how can you boost your profits? 1. Premium Services Once you define your VoIP offers, you can provide your users with a variety of options that they can add at an additional cost.  Examples include Mobile and Desktop Softphones, additional PBX features, voicemail transcription, voicemail-to-email, fax-to-email, international... Read More »