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Now is the perfect time to profit from industry and social trends for your VoIP businesses.

Is Now a Good Time to Start a VoIP Business?

In business, timing is everything.  The right business idea at the wrong time can spell failure.  But getting it right makes success easier than ever!  And that’s what we have today with offering VoIP services. What are some global trends to look for in planning your VoIP business? International Calling is Growing International traffic (both... Read More »

How can Hosted PBX features like an Auto-Attendant help your VoIP business? Ask Telinta.

How can an Auto-Attendant help
your VoIP users?

Auto-Attendants, also called a Virtual Receptionist, are an important part of any ITSP’s business telephony offer.  Even if your customers are not familiar with the term “Auto-Attendant” they surely are familiar with the ever-popular “press 1 for sales” feature used by so many businesses. Your business customers need the ability to efficiently route calls to... Read More »