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How can you offer WebRTC with your own brand? Ask Telinta.

How can WebRTC help your VoIP business?

Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) is an emerging technology with impressive growth and popularity. WebRTC enables your VoIP users to make and receive calls via a web-based softphone, without needing to install an application, and without being tethered to devices where that application is installed. The solution is one of many options for Work-from-Home services offered... Read More »

Encryption helps ITSPs in a variety of ways, including secure and private Mobile VoIP.

Why is Encryption Important
for your VoIP Business?

VoIP providers often ask “How can encryption help my ITSP business?” Privacy and security gain more importance every year, both for your business and your users.  Likewise, some VoIP Termination carriers feel the same way, and only accept traffic that is protected by a VPN. If you provide VoIP services in parts of the world... Read More »