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What capabilities do your Hosted PBX users need? Ask Telinta.

How can my VoIP business offer

Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs) need to offer a growing list of capabilities in order to compete. The features ITSPs offer not only help them stand out from competitors, but these capabilities help their customers succeed in the marketplaces where they too compete.  Communications is an enabler for any industry, and when your customers win,... Read More »

Select your own carriers for Commio DIDs used with Telinta’s softswitch platform.

How can you select multiple carriers for DIDs?

Redundancy is a key part of running your VoIP business.  Many ITSPs configure their routing to have multiple back-up carriers in case one carrier goes down.  This redundancy helps prevent your business from grinding to a halt if your carrier goes down or has performance issues. While setting up redundant carriers for outbound traffic is... Read More »