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Learn how your softswitch and billing can work together to make your VoIP business run smoothly.

Why is Integrated Switching and Billing important?

Two key areas for any VoIP service provider business are switching and billing.  Switching combines many functions such as handling inbound traffic from your DID providers, routing calls to your VoIP Termination providers, and much more.  A softswitch provides the capabilities for most of what your users rely on:  configuring extensions, IVR, call queues and... Read More »

How can you offer MMS to your VoIP users? Ask Telinta.

How can MMS help your VoIP business?

Multimedia Messaging Service, commonly known as MMS, is a popular form of communication enabling your users to send and receive more than just text. With MMS, your users can share video, photos and other images, and audio files.  As all types of messaging becomes more in-demand for your users, these capabilities could be the difference... Read More »