8 Ways your Clients can use VoIP to Better Satisfy Customers

VoIP is such a versatile technology, it enables your business customers to benefit in many areas, including providing world-class customer service to their own customers. When your customers benefit, so do you!

A recently published report lists 8 important ways your business customers can enhance their own Customer Service using the VoIP services you offer to them.  All 8 ideas, plus many more, involve capabilities supported by Telinta’s TeliCoreTM softswitch platform.

1. Offer 24/7 Service

Business is increasingly 24/7. TeliCore’s powerful forwarding tools make it easier for your business customers to both route incoming calls or place outgoing calls from any time zone.

2. Low-Cost Callbacks

Calling people back is a common task of every customer service team. With TeliCore, you can provide economical high-quality calls.  Our hosted Call Center solution enables you to support both physical and virtual Call Centers.

3. The Personal Touch

Each Customer Service team member can have their own individual telephone number. When they’re away from their desk, TeliCore can automatically route their calls to a colleague.

4. Local Phone Numbers

Customers may be located all over the world, but with VoIP they can enjoy a local number to call. Telinta customers may qualify for special promotions from our industry-leading DID partners.

5. Work-at-Home

Your customers can easily expand their customer service team to include home workers.  TeliCore can support various ways to serve that need, from Residential VoIP, call forwarding, adding a mobile extension to our Hosted PBX solution and more.

6. No Calls go Unanswered

TeliCore offers a variety of features that help improve your customer’s ability to handle incoming customer service calls.  From hunt groups to call forwarding, to multi-line ringing, and of course voice mail.

7. Economy

In general, running a customer service system through VoIP is more cost-effective than using traditional phone lines.  Your customers will notice the savings, with you being in complete control of your pricing, call rating, discounts and promotions.

8. Control

With TeliCore, you can enable your customers to manage a variety of self-service functions.  Your customers can make the changes you authorize via our brandable portals to pull reports in real-time, add extensions and more.