Bilateral Traffic Exchange

Bilateral Traffic Exchange agreements?  What are they, and why are they important for your Wholesale VoIP Termination business?Bilateral Traffic Exchange agreements?  What are they, and why are they important for your Wholesale VoIP Termination business?

Today’s market place for VoIP Termination is a mosaic of hundreds of providers, often working together with other providers to broaden their own global reach.

Bilateral Traffic Exchange agreements occur when providers both buy and sell minutes to each other.  For example, let’s say Provider A buys Wholesale VoIP Termination for Latin America from Provider B — but Provider A also sells its own Wholesale VoIP Termination for Europe to Provider B.  Both providers now have a more robust list of destinations they can offer to their own customers.  Rather than both providers paying the full amount due to one another, it would improve the cash flow of both companies if they had the means to measure traffic and easily calculate the net amount due between them.

Telinta’s cloud-based TeliCoreTM Softswitch and Billing platform can streamline the complex billing calculations for Bilateral Traffic Exchange, and much more.  Our carrier-grade platform was designed with Wholesale in mind.  TeliCore is both a Class 4 and Class 5 softswitch, and since 2002 Telinta has enabled VoIP service providers around the world to build profitable businesses.

In a study of VoIP billing solutions, Internet Telephony Magazine cited Telinta’s merits:

“Telinta’s TeliCore solution is cloud based, and unlike stand-alone solutions, Telinta fully integrates billing with other key parts of a customer’s business such as switching and customer management, and it does all this in real time.  It is a hosted white-label platform, enabling customers to build a profitable VoIP business, without owning their own infrastructure.”

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