Bilateral Traffic Exchange

If your Wholesale VoIP Termination business requires billing capabilities to support your Bilateral Traffic Exchange, Telinta can help you.

Bilateral Traffic Exchange agreements occur when providers both buy and sell minutes to each other in order to have a more robust list of destinations they can offer to their own customers. Our TeliCore™ softswitch platform provides you with the switching and billing capabilities you need to support Bilateral Traffic Exchange.

We help you and your wholesale partners to economically exchange traffic and improve your cash flow. TeliCore can automatically calculate the cost of the minutes you both buy and sell, and invoice the difference between the amounts due between you and your partners.

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Key features
  • Real-time CDRs
  • Your own Prices and Volume Discount Plans
  • Support for Multiple Currencies
  • Multi-language, Brandable Self-care Portals
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Real-time Traffic Analysis
  • TeliShield™ Fraud Prevention Tools