Trim your VoIP Termination Costs

Trim your VoIP Termination CostsVoIP Termination costs are a significant part of any VoIP business.  Telinta enables our customers to help cut costs for calls terminating in the US and Canada, via a unique option to use Location Routing Number (LRN) data from our partner, proleneä.

Over the years, many end users have ported phone numbers for their home, office and mobile phones from one carrier to another.  When this occurs, a 10-digit Location Routing Number is assigned to each ported phone number in order to route inbound calls to the new carrier.  Since VoIP Termination costs can vary from one carrier to another, LRN data can help Telinta customers to optimize their routing and avoid surprises for the VoIP Termination charges billed by Termination providers.

Telinta’s TeliCore softswitch platform enables our customers to access proleneä’s LRN data and more accurately route calls.  When a call is processed, TeliCore enables our customers to automatically query proleneä’s unique LNP database, so that the call can be routed to the proper carrier.

Telinta customers who open a new account with proleneä qualify for a special promotion.  Please contact for more details.