What is CALEA?

Building a successful VoIP business requires putting together a variety of providers, including compliance-related servicesCountries in some parts of the world have guidelines and regulations regarding telecom services.  While these vary from location to location, regulations may include things like E911 emergency calling, taxation, and lawful intercept.  In the US, the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA) helps law enforcement and telecom companies to work together when needed.

Building a successful VoIP service provider business often requires putting together a variety of complementary services:  DID providers for phone numbers, VoIP Termination carriers, Switching and Billing, and other services, including compliance-related services.

Telinta customers can easily work with their own providers of compliance related services, helping to give them the peace of mind they deserve that the services they provide meet applicable requirements.

Since 2002, Telinta has built a comprehensive ecosystem of partners to help customers succeed.  Recently, we added Subsentio to our list of third-party Technology Partners.  Subsentio provides legal compliance services for communications service providers, including CALEA and historical subpoena requests.  As a Trusted Third Party, Subsentio’s services can help Telinta customers to better understand legal compliance.

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