Call Parking for your Hosted PBX business

Offer a full portfolio of Hosted PBX features to your customers: Telinta’s Softswitch and BillingWhat is Call Parking?

Call Parking is a popular Hosted PBX feature that enables your users to place an active call on hold, which can then be picked up by another PBX extension.   After the call is parked, your user can freely make and receive other calls.

This helps your business customers use your PBX features as tools to provide better service to their own customers.  For example, a call which requires your customer to check inventory or billing records may require multiple employees to talk with the caller.  Call Parking is a useful tool as it does not require a live transfer where the recipient must pick up immediately.  Instead the call remains on hold, or “parked” until the recipient can pick up from a different extension with a simple touch-tone entry.

Capabilities like these make your Hosted PBX an integral business asset to your customers.  Having the right feature set is crucial in competing, and winning.  Once your customers learn to use the features they need, it would be difficult for them to start from scratch with your competitor.

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Telinta offers white label solutions for Hosted PBX providers, enabling you to offer a full range of customizable features.  Use your own brand, and your own prices, with our cloud-based softswitch and billing.

We recently improved Call Parking by developing “slot” parking combined with BLF monitoring.  This significantly improves the capability and allows your users to more efficiently manage their calls.  When your customers succeed, your VoIP business succeeds too.

Our expansive list of Hosted PBX features can help you out-class the competition.  If you offer something that they do not, you have an advantage in winning new customers.  Even if that customer never uses all the features you offer, your business is positioned as a leader merely because you offer more than others do.  That wins trust.

Telinta offers a range of brandable PBX solutions to meet your needs, whether you are doing business across town, across the country, or around the globe.  Our Auto-Provisioning Profiles enables you to deploy IP phones without the need for manual configuration by an installer, whether you are deploying one or one thousand end-points.  Our unique Virtual Office solution enables your user to custom-tailor their own PBX solution, without needing IP phones — perfect for home-based businesses, or road warriors on the go.

With Telinta, you can easily add both mobile and desktop softphones for your PBX users, as well as conference bridges, voicemail and voicemail transcription, customizable multi-language IVR, and more.

Telinta enables your ITSP business to win customers, even if they are not interested in a hosted solution, but prefer to use their own premise-based PBX.  Energize your user’s own PBX by offering cost-effective VoIP calling with SIP Trunks you provide via Telinta’s softswitch and billing platform.  Use any carriers you need for DIDs and VoIP Termination, as many as you need.

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