How can you prepare for STIR/SHAKEN? Telinta’s hosted softswitch is a highly flexible solution for ITSPs.

STIR/SHAKEN and your VoIP Business

Many VoIP service providers will need to make some important decisions regarding new regulations in the US to help combat illegal robocalling that spoofs Caller ID.  Even if your company is not based in the US, this regulation could affect traffic you send to the US. Known as STIR/SHAKEN, the new methodologies may offer upsides... Read More »

Enable your VoIP users to perform self-service functions with Telinta’s brandable end user portals.

Self-Care Portals for your VoIP Users

VoIP users become more and more sophisticated every year.  As they gain experience in configuring a wide variety of other technology services, they want to customize their VoIP services as well.  Self-care portals are important, whether you provide business services like Hosted PBX and SIP Trunks, or consumer services such as prepaid VoIP. Common user... Read More »

Does your VoIP softswitch provider charge per-seat? Concurrent call? Per-minute? Ask Telinta for a better option.

Per seat? Per Concurrent Call? Per minute?

When selecting your hosted softswitch and billing provider, some important decisions come into play.  Does your provider charge per seat?  Per concurrent call?  Or per minute? Per Seat? This means your provider charges you per end user, similar to how software licensing is often sold.  Imagine that this “seat” is for an employee sitting at... Read More »

How can I sell VoIP services on Telegram?

Help your VoIP business go viral with Telegram

One of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the marketplace is Telegram.  With over 500 million active users worldwide, Telegram can help your VoIP business go viral – if you have the right tools. Social media makes it easy for your VoIP users to share exciting new things with their contacts.  Economical VoIP calling is... Read More »

Where can I learn about VoIP?

KnowledgeBase for VoIP Providers

Some say that “Knowledge is Power.”  In the VoIP industry, having the knowledge you need, when you need it, certainly gives you the power to run your business your way. How can my customers sign up online?  How do I set my prices? How do I calculate taxes?  Process credit cards? What are my options... Read More »

Fax-to-Email and Email-to-Fax are important for VoIP service providers.

Is fax important for your VoIP business?

While technology advances may have reduced the number of faxes sent each year, fax remains a “must-have” service for many businesses.  Whether a business is interested in the familiarity of fax, or possible legal needs for fax, many companies around the world may still prefer to have fax available when needed. Voice over IP has... Read More »

How can my VoIP customers pick their own phone number?

Enabling VoIP users to pick their own phone number

VoIP service providers often ask “How can my VoIP customers pick their own phone number?” Enabling your VoIP end users to select their own DID is an important capability in growing your ITSP business.  Whether you sell to business customers or consumers, phone numbers can be a vital aspect to the services you offer. How... Read More »

Now is the perfect time to start a VoIP business; lucrative opportunities for growth in coming years.

Significant Growth Predicted for VoIP Market

The market opportunity for VoIP service providers is expected to grow significantly, according to industry-leading global market research provider, Research and Markets (R&M). In December of 2020, the global market for Business VoIP services (now estimated at US$26.4 Billion in 2020) was projected to grow to US$31.9 Billion by 2027 – roughly a 21 percent... Read More »

Telinta has built an impressive ecosystem of partners via API to help your VoIP business grow.

What can APIs do for your VoIP business?

How can you easily access the products and services you need to run a VoIP business?  How can ITSPs easily offer cohesive, seamless VoIP services to their customers and resellers? In many ways, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) can help you. Simply put, an API integrates the data of one company with another.  It links that... Read More »

Why is using your own DIDs and VoIP Termination routes so important for your VoIP business?

Using your own VoIP Termination and DID providers is important.

Why is using your own DID providers and VoIP Termination carriers so important for your VoIP business? Since 2002, Telinta has frequently discussed this important question with VoIP service providers.  Over the years, we’ve learned that having this choice is crucial for your VoIP business. While one-stop shopping may “seem” like a good idea to... Read More »