Automatic Provisioning for IP Phones

Winning lucrative business customers is attractive for any provider of Hosted PBX and other VoIP services.  This often begins with the question “How do I provision IP phones?” Automatic provisioning uses the power of cloud-based technology to help your VoIP business.  Without this automation, each and every IP phone may need to be manually provisioning... Read More »

What is WebRTC?

What is WebRTC?  Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) is an attractive growth opportunity for VoIP service providers to offer calling directly from the end user’s web browser, without needing a phone. WebRTC starts with a web-based softphone.  Calls can be placed peer-to-peer, as well as both “to and from” the PSTN.  As long as the browser... Read More »

Your own Mobile App for VoIP Calling

Need your own smartphone app to offer Mobile VoIP to your customers? Mobile VoIP is a fast-growing opportunity, whether you are adding mobile calling to your existing VoIP business, or starting something completely new. Both consumers and businesses are increasingly more dependent on their smartphones and more accustomed to  “Over the Top” (OTT) VoIP calling. ... Read More »

Analyze your VoIP Traffic in Real-Time

VoIP service providers need to know how their business is performing – not just at the end of the day or the end of the month – but right now. What are some key performance indicators (KPIs) for VoIP traffic? Average Length of Calls (ALOC):  your average call duration in minutes. Average Success Rate (ASR): ... Read More »

How to Offer SIP Trunks

If you have ever asked the question “How can I offer SIP Trunks?” – Telinta has the answer. Having all the tools you need to win lucrative business customers is key to a successful VoIP business.  Offering SIP Trunks is an attractive opportunity for VoIP service providers to serve business customers, even if those customers... Read More »

How to Start a Hosted PBX Business

In many parts of the world, business customers are demanding more flexibility, features and control than legacy telecom service providers can provide.  The result is that Hosted PBX is one of the fastest growing telecom opportunities worldwide. Using the power of cutting-edge Voice-over-IP technology and advanced cloud-based solutions, starting a Hosted PBX business has never... Read More »

Can APIs Help my VoIP Business?

VoIP service providers often ask “How can APIs help my VoIP business?”  Telinta has the answer. APIs enable you to easily integrate services you purchase from different providers into a cohesive solution that you offer to your customers. No one knows this better than Telinta, and we have integrated APIs for many industry-leading partners offering... Read More »

VoIP Opportunities for your Friends and Colleagues

Do you know someone who would do well by opening up their own VoIP service provider business?  Telinta can help you to help them! The Telinta Referral Program is a way that our current customers, partners and friends can refer their colleagues to us.  We will contact them to explain our solutions, provide them with... Read More »

Custom Developed VoIP Solutions

What makes Telinta different from others?  Since 2002, Telinta has developed its own customized solutions and unique tools to help our VoIP service provider customers succeed. A few examples of Telinta’s custom development include: TeliGlobeTM Mobile VoIP, “OTT” calling for iOS and Android devices Virtual Office, a unique Hosted PBX solution for your SMB customers... Read More »

Privacy and your VoIP Business

Regardless of where you are located, or what type of VoIP services you offer to your customers, privacy is an important part of your business. Your customers need to trust that their account data, payment details and personal information are handled with the utmost care by the service providers they use. Many VoIP service providers... Read More »