Telinta will present a webinar for ITSPs with VoIP Supply, a leading provider of IP Phones

Telinta and VoIP Supply: Webinar for ITSPs

Telinta provides customers with a complete ecosystem of partners to help Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs) grow their business. Telinta will present a webinar together with VoIP Supply, a leading provider of IP Phone equipment and services.  The one-hour session is a must-attend event for ITSPs interested in using the power of Telinta’s cloud-based softswitch... Read More »

Telinta will lead a panel discussion on Cloud Solutions for VoIP Providers together with Inteliquent and Acrobits

Telinta Leads ITEXPO Discussion for VoIP Service Providers

Telinta was again invited to speak at ITEXPO, one of the world’s foremost Internet Telephony industry events.  This year, Telinta will lead an important session entitled “Cutting Edge Cloud-based Solutions for VoIP Service Providers.” This panel discussion will address key challenges VoIP service providers face and cutting-edge solutions to help them build a successful VoIP... Read More »

VoIP service providers can easily SMS-enable any US DID with Telinta and our partner TextBetter

Easily Offer SMS with any US DID

How can SMS help your VoIP business?  This fast-growing type of messaging is rapidly becoming a way of life for both your business customers and consumers. Telinta recently teamed up with TextBetterTM so that our customers can easily SMS-enable any DID in the USA, from any DID provider, without porting the number.  TextBetter’s white label... Read More »

Worldwide VoIP market and opportunities for service providers will continue to grow in 2019 and beyond

VoIP Market Growth Continues

The global industry for Voice over IP is one of the most interesting technology markets for industry analysts.  A recent forecast shows that the worldwide VoIP market will continue to show strong growth in 2019 and beyond. Market Research Future has recently published a study with insights for the Internet Telephony market over the next... Read More »

VoIP service providers often ask the question, “Am I locked into a contract?”

Locked into a VoIP Switching Contract?

When shopping for hosted softswitch solutions, VoIP service providers often ask the question, “Am I locked into a contract?” Some providers may seek to lock in customers for a year (or more!) when selling their switching and billing solutions.  They may even promise things before the sale is made which are not guaranteed in writing. ... Read More »

Mobile Top-Up commissions can vary by operator, by country, to better meet your business model

Mobile Top-Up Commissions

Commissions are an important part of your business as a way to motivate your sales channel.  Your employees, distributors, resellers and other stakeholders can earn a percentage of your sales as an incentive to help your business grow. Mobile Top-Up commissions are especially important, since the nature of that service often involves many retailers who... Read More »

VoIP providers can easily accept credit cards and PayPal with Telinta’s softswitch and billing platform

How to Accept Credit Cards Payments

Need to accept credit card payments for your VoIP business?  As your customers become more and more reliant on credit cards and other forms of electronic payment, this can be a vital part of your business. We often hear the question “How do I accept credit card payments?” First, you will need a secure and... Read More »

Automatic provisioning uses the power of cloud-based technology to help your VoIP business

Automated Provisioning for IP Phones

Winning lucrative business customers is attractive for any provider of Hosted PBX and other VoIP services.  This often begins with the question “How do I provision IP phones?” Automatic provisioning uses the power of cloud-based technology to help your VoIP business.  Without this automation, each and every IP phone may need to be manually provisioning... Read More »

WebRTC is an attractive opportunity for VoIP providers and resellers to offer prepaid and postpaid calling.

What is WebRTC?

What is WebRTC?  Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) is an attractive growth opportunity for VoIP service providers to offer calling directly from the end user’s web browser, without needing a phone. WebRTC starts with a web-based softphone.  Calls can be placed peer-to-peer, as well as both “to and from” the PSTN.  As long as the browser... Read More »

Mobile VoIP is a fast-growing opportunity, mobile calling for an existing VoIP business or starting something completely new. Over the Top (OTT) for Smartphones

Your own Mobile App for VoIP Calling

Need your own smartphone app to offer Mobile VoIP to your customers? Mobile VoIP is a fast-growing opportunity, whether you are adding mobile calling to your existing VoIP business, or starting something completely new. Both consumers and businesses are increasingly more dependent on their smartphones and more accustomed to  “Over the Top” (OTT) VoIP calling. ... Read More »