Want to set your own prices for your VoIP business? Let Telinta show you how.

Can your VoIP business control its own prices?

VoIP service providers often ask the question, “Can I control my own prices?” Your ITSP business requires a wide variety of products, services, and planning in order to win in the telecom marketplace.  This means being able to control your own pricing. If you are merely reselling someone else’s solution, you may not have the... Read More »

Why are real-time CDRs important for VoIP providers? Ask Telinta

What can your VoIP business do in Real Time?

Real-time solutions are becoming more and more important for VoIP providers.  Your business moves quickly, as does your customers’ businesses.  If you are not offering certain capabilities in real time, you may be falling behind. Why is Real-Time Billing Important? Real-time billing is important for ITSPs, regardless of whether you offer prepaid or postpaid services. ... Read More »

How can you attract business customers for your VoIP business? Ask Telinta.

How can ITSPs Win Business Customers?

Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs) often ask “How can I win business customers for my VoIP business?” Business users can be the most lucrative customers a VoIP service provider can have.  But business customers can also be the most demanding, and winning the best customers is a competitive challenge. VoIP providers have an edge in... Read More »

How can you offer WebRTC with your own brand? Ask Telinta.

How can WebRTC help your VoIP business?

Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) is an emerging technology with impressive growth and popularity. WebRTC enables your VoIP users to make and receive calls via a web-based softphone, without needing to install an application, and without being tethered to devices where that application is installed. The solution is one of many options for Work-from-Home services offered... Read More »

Encryption helps ITSPs in a variety of ways, including secure and private Mobile VoIP.

Why is Encryption Important
for your VoIP Business?

VoIP providers often ask “How can encryption help my ITSP business?” Privacy and security gain more importance every year, both for your business and your users.  Likewise, some VoIP Termination carriers feel the same way, and only accept traffic that is protected by a VPN. If you provide VoIP services in parts of the world... Read More »

Telinta’s real-time billing is highly flexible, to help your business grow.

How Can You Bill for More than just VoIP?

Billing is a vital part of running a business.  Any business. VoIP service providers know how important billing is.  Is your billing integrated?  Is it real-time?  Is it automated? But as the lines between different lines of business begin to blur, perhaps the question to ask is “Can my billing handle charges for things besides... Read More »

What do you need to add SMS to your ITSP business? Ask Telinta.

How can SMS help your VoIP business?

One fast-growing segment of the telecom business is Short Messaging Service, commonly known as SMS.  Why is SMS so popular?  It’s efficient, profitable, and highly-addictive for your users! How can SMS help your VoIP business? Your users demand options for how they communicate.  This includes voice, video, and messaging.  Your VoIP business needs to offer... Read More »

Telinta enables Hosted PBX providers to offer services without users needing IP phones or ATAs.

Hosted PBX without IP Phones or ATAs?

Telinta often hears the question, “How can I offer Hosted PBX without my users needing IP phones or ATAs?” Most Hosted PBX (also called Cloud PBX) requires IP phones that use the digital protocol offered by Voice over IP. Analog Telephone Adaptors (ATAs) are devices which convert analog to digital IP (and vice versa) enabling... Read More »

How can you add new capabilities to your Hosted PBX business? Ask Telinta.

Door Entry Units and Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX is a key part of your business customer’s operations.  It links their business to their employees, customers, suppliers, partners, and everyone involved. But Hosted PBX can do more for your business customers than provide voice and video calling.  It can also help provide secure access by controlling Door Entry Units.  Offering innovative value-added... Read More »

Now is the perfect time to profit from industry and social trends for your VoIP businesses.

Is Now a Good Time to Start a VoIP Business?

In business, timing is everything.  The right business idea at the wrong time can spell failure.  But getting it right makes success easier than ever!  And that’s what we have today with offering VoIP services. What are some global trends to look for in planning your VoIP business? International Calling is Growing International traffic (both... Read More »