How can Hosted PBX features like an Auto-Attendant help your VoIP business? Ask Telinta.

How can an Auto-Attendant help
your VoIP users?

Auto-Attendants, also called a Virtual Receptionist, are an important part of any ITSP’s business telephony offer.  Even if your customers are not familiar with the term “Auto-Attendant” they surely are familiar with the ever-popular “press 1 for sales” feature used by so many businesses. Your business customers need the ability to efficiently route calls to... Read More »

ITSPs can win business customers with brandable VoIP solutions from Telinta: Hosted PBX, and more.

How Can ITSPs Win Business Customers?

Business customers are one important key to success for VoIP service providers.  But how can your ITSP business win and retain lucrative business users? Service Portfolio: Business customers want what they want, and their needs may change over time.  If you do not offer what they seek, then your business will suffer.  A gap in... Read More »

Telinta brings you the cloud-based switching and billing tools to build a profitable VoIP business.

Five Ways to Increase your
VoIP Profits

As you build your VoIP service provider business, how can you boost your profits? 1. Premium Services Once you define your VoIP offers, you can provide your users with a variety of options that they can add at an additional cost.  Examples include Mobile and Desktop Softphones, additional PBX features, voicemail transcription, voicemail-to-email, fax-to-email, international... Read More »

How can you make your ITSP business the best it can be? Ask Telinta.

Optimize your VoIP Business

Building up your VoIP business to succeed for the long term is no small accomplishment.  Once you get it running, how can you optimize your VoIP business? How can you pick and choose the solutions and capabilities you need?  How can you fine-tune your business to increase your profits and delight your customers? Telinta and... Read More »

Telinta enables your ITSP business to do business in many parts of the world.

Global Reach for VoIP Providers

Business today is more global than ever.  Whether your VoIP business operates locally or internationally, you need the resources to support user demands. Even if you focus your own sales efforts locally, your customers may need to work across borders, travel the globe, call internationally, have remote offices in multiple continents, and even just vacation... Read More »

Telinta offers volume discounts, automatically applied to your monthly invoice for switching and billing.

Softswitch Volume Discounts

Your VoIP service provider business depends on many products and services all working together to form a cohesive offer for your customers.  At the heart of this is your softswitch solution, which provides the intelligence and the integration that links all this together. Like many aspects of VoIP, your switching costs can vary according to... Read More »

How can PayPal help your VoIP service provider business? Ask Telinta.

Do your VoIP Users Need a PayPal Account?

VoIP providers realize that their ITSP business needs flexible payment options in order to satisfy its customers. This includes online payments with credit cards, debit cards, and of course, with PayPal.  PayPal is an internationally-trusted payment leader that can bring credibility to your VoIP business. But how can users make payments to you, even if... Read More »

How can ITSPs meet FCC robocall regulations? Informative webinar with TransNexus and Telinta.

How can VoIP service providers meet FCC robocall regulations?

Since 2002, Telinta has built a robust ecosystem of industry-leading partners, bringing VoIP service providers the products and services they need to succeed. Telinta has teamed up with TransNexus to present an educational webinar to help customers comply with their regulatory requirements for robocall mitigation. Since 2021, solutions from TransNexus have been integrated with Telinta’s... Read More »

How can you offer brandable softphones to your Resellers. Ask Telinta.

Brandable Softphones for your Resellers

One very attractive way to grow your VoIP business is to have Resellers, which are smaller service providers who purchase services from your business to resell to their own customers. Providing brandable softphones to your Resellers can help their business to succeed, thus helping yours to grow too. Softphones enable your Resellers to participate in... Read More »

Telinta’s brandable Desktop Softphone includes an Operator Panel to help your Hosted PBX users.

Operator Panel for your Hosted PBX Users

Managing the day-to-day operations of a busy business office is no easy task, especially when employee phone calls are involved. What is an Operator Panel? An Operator Panel is a unique tool added to a softphone which enables a receptionist to see which team members are busy on a call.  As long as those team... Read More »