How can PayPal help your VoIP service provider business? Ask Telinta.

Do your VoIP Users Need a PayPal Account?

VoIP providers realize that their ITSP business needs flexible payment options in order to satisfy its customers. This includes online payments with credit cards, debit cards, and of course, with PayPal.  PayPal is an internationally-trusted payment leader that can bring credibility to your VoIP business. But how can users make payments to you, even if... Read More »

How can ITSPs meet FCC robocall regulations? Informative webinar with TransNexus and Telinta.

How can VoIP service providers meet FCC robocall regulations?

Since 2002, Telinta has built a robust ecosystem of industry-leading partners, bringing VoIP service providers the products and services they need to succeed. Telinta has teamed up with TransNexus to present an educational webinar to help customers comply with their regulatory requirements for robocall mitigation. Since 2021, solutions from TransNexus have been integrated with Telinta’s... Read More »

How can you offer brandable softphones to your Resellers. Ask Telinta.

Brandable Softphones for your Resellers

One very attractive way to grow your VoIP business is to have Resellers, which are smaller service providers who purchase services from your business to resell to their own customers. Providing brandable softphones to your Resellers can help their business to succeed, thus helping yours to grow too. Softphones enable your Resellers to participate in... Read More »

Telinta’s brandable Desktop Softphone includes an Operator Panel to help your Hosted PBX users.

Operator Panel for your Hosted PBX Users

Managing the day-to-day operations of a busy business office is no easy task, especially when employee phone calls are involved. What is an Operator Panel? An Operator Panel is a unique tool added to a softphone which enables a receptionist to see which team members are busy on a call.  As long as those team... Read More »

VoIP service providers can use Skyetel’s DIDs and VoIP Termination with Telinta’s cloud-based softswitch.

Telinta and Skyetel Webinar for ITSPs

Telinta’s ecosystem of world-class partners enables Telinta customers to easily find the complementary products and services they need to grow their VoIP business. Telinta and Skyetel have teamed up to offer an educational webinar for VoIP service providers.  This 60-minutes session will discuss Skyetel’s high-quality A-Z VoIP Termination, DIDs, and other services which can be... Read More »

The VoIP industry acknowledges those few players who really stand out from the rest, like Telinta.

VoIP Industry Recognition

When choosing a switching and billing provider, one key attribute to look for is industry recognition.  The VoIP industry often acknowledges those few players who really stand out from the rest. Question to ask: How is your provider thought of within the industry? Do they regularly participate in industry events? How long have they been... Read More »

Whether your VoIP business is just starting out, or already established, Telinta can help you.

VoIP Growth to Continue into
Next Decade

According to a recent study by noted industry analysts Global Markets Insights, the worldwide market for VoIP has surpassed US$40 billion and is predicted to continue growing on average of 10% CAGR through the next decade, reaching US$100 billion in 2032. The firm stated: “The growing popularity of hosted VoIP solutions has also fostered voice... Read More »

How can self-service portals help your ITSP business? Ask Telinta.

How can Brandable Portals help
your VoIP Business?

The phrase “what you see is what you get” might be a good fit for your VoIP service provider business.  Unlike a physical product, voice telephony is an intangible service, but the web-based portals you provide to your customers and resellers are something they can see with their own eyes. Why are portals important?  These... Read More »

How can you offer SMS and MMS with your VoIP services? Ask Telinta

How can you offer Messaging with your VoIP services?

One of the fastest growing facets of the communications industry is providing the ability for user to message one another.  Whether short text messages, photos, audio and video – including messaging as part of your service offer can help you to win customers. Messaging allows your users to communicate in short bursts, such as a... Read More »

Why is Billing important to your VoIP business? Real-time CDRs, credit cards, and more.

How can Billing help your VoIP business?

When looking for a Billing solution, what should VoIP service providers look for? Billing is not just a utility function, but it can also be a competitive advantage. Switching and Billing are two vital functions within your VoIP business.  The more seamless and integrated they are, the simpler it is to run your business and... Read More »