Hosted PBX is one of the fastest growing VoIP services in the world

How to Start a Hosted PBX Business

Hosted PBX is one of the fastest growing VoIP services in the world.  This is an attractive opportunity for entrepreneurs to cash in on growing profits by starting their own Hosted PBX business.  Cloud-based technology is becoming more accepted by businesses of all sizes, and cutting-edge “voice over IP” business telephony is no exception. How... Read More »

Offer Mobile Top-Up for your customers & resellers

Mobile Top-Up for your Resellers

Mobile Top-Up is a cellular industry term for adding funds to a prepaid account with mobile operators in many parts of the world.  Money is paid to a service provider in one country, and the funds are transferred to a mobile operator in another country to recharge a prepaid cellular account.  Mobile Top-Up is often... Read More »

Running your own VoIP business requires many capabilities, especially billing

Five Reasons why Billing is Important

Running your own successful VoIP business means carefully implementing a wide variety of capabilities, especially billing. Here’s five reason why: 1. Integration Some VoIP businesses use one solution for switching, and another for billing. This often means importing and exporting call detail records from one system to another. Managing two disparate solutions adds complexities, potential... Read More »

Telinta speaks at significant VoIP switching and billing events in Eastern Europe, hosted by PortaOne

Telinta Invited to Speak at Prestigious VoIP Event in Europe

Telinta was once again invited to speak at one of the most significant VoIP switching and billing events in Eastern Europe, hosted by PortaOne.  Held in Chernihiv, near Ukraine’s capital city of Kiev, the event was attended by 350 VoIP professionals from around the world, including several members of Telinta’s engineering team, software developers, marketing... Read More »

Cloud-based “hosted” solutions offer the flexibility that VoIP businesses need

Why use a Hosted Switching Solution?

More and more industries are discovering the advantages of cloud-based “hosted” solutions, and VoIP businesses no exception.  Hosted solutions offer the economy and flexibility that both new and existing VoIP businesses need. Here’s 5 reasons why: No Capital Investment Hosted solutions means that you can run your business, while someone else runs the servers, software... Read More »

How can Social Media help a VoIP business to grow? Telinta has the answer.

Can Social Media Help your VoIP Business?

Social Media is an integral part of today’s marketing.  But how can Social Media help a VoIP business to grow? Let’s take a closer look… Increased visibility in search engines: Search engines, like Google and others, not only comb websites and news, but they also cover Social Media.  If you have a Social Media page,... Read More »

VoIP providers can access their Windstream DID account directly from Telinta’s softswitch platform.

Easy Access to Windstream DIDs

DIDs are an important part of your VoIP business if you offer Hosted PBX, SIP Trunking, Calling Card, Mobile, Business and Residential VoIP, or any other VoIP service which requires a phone number on the PSTN. With this in mind, Telinta has integrated a convenient API into our cloud-based TeliCoreTM softswitch platform, enabling Telinta customers... Read More »

Telinta has developed Auto-Provisioning Profiles for many popular Polycom IP phones to streamline deployment

Partnering with Polycom

Today’s ITSP business means bringing together a wide variety of products and services for your end users, including provisioning IP phones.  Telinta provides you with cloud-based automated tools to help make this happen. For ITSPs offering Polycom IP phones to their customers, Telinta has developed Auto-Provisioning Profiles for many popular Polycom models.  These Auto-Provisioning Profiles... Read More »

Telinta’s cloud-based softswitch solutions enable VoIP service providers to profit from growth trends

Four Reasons the Global VoIP Market will Grow

According to a study by Future Markets Insights (FMI), a leading industry analysis firm, several important trends will shape the growth of the global VoIP market. Key insights include: Business and Consumer Growth: FMI cited a continued focus on VoIP solutions that enable service providers to serve both business and consumer end users.  “This has... Read More »

Telinta provides demonstrations of its TeliCore hosted softswitch platform at ITW

Telinta Invited to Participate in ITW 2017

Over the years, Telinta has been invited to participate in the VoIP industry’s biggest and best events.  2017 is no exception… Telinta will once again take part in International Telecoms Week (ITW) May 14-17, 2017 at the Hyatt Regency and Swissôtel in Chicago. Founded in 2008, ITW is one of the foremost industry events bringing... Read More »