How can automation help your VoIP business to grow? Ask Telinta.

Easy to Create New VoIP User Accounts?

For VoIP service providers, having the Switching and Billing tools you need to easily create new accounts is important. This becomes more vital as your business grows over time, and new customers begin to seek you out.  As your VoIP business becomes well-established in the markets you serve, your customers may start referring their friends... Read More »

Want to take your VoIP business to the next level? Ask Telinta about Unified Communications (UCaaS).

How to Offer Unified Communications

Telinta often hears the question from new customers “How can I offer UCaaS services?” Service providers are learning that business customers of all sizes are switching away from legacy telecom providers in search of more flexible, more integrated solutions – and thus the phrase “Unified Communications.” Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) provides an integrated... Read More »

How can you deploy your own local VoIP server as an ITSP?

Want to deploy your own VoIP server?

Many VoIP service providers ask “Can I deploy my own server?” The benefits of a hosted softswitch solution vastly outweigh the benefits of deploying your own server.  VoIP technology, powered by cutting-edge cloud-based solutions, has progressed so that there will be very little (if any) technical benefits to deploying your own server. But are there... Read More »

What do VoIP providers need to do for 988?

How does 988 affect your VoIP business
in the US?

988 is a three-digit code that offers a new way for callers in the USA to reach the Suicide Prevention Lifeline, a government-mandated service codified by The National Suicide Hotline Designation Act of 2020.  This act directed multiple federal organizations and industry providers to work together to create a simpler hotline phone number. Why not... Read More »

Create the reports you need to track your VoIP business success and profits with Telinta.

What Reports Can I Create
for my VoIP Business?

Running a VoIP business means you will need to track a variety of metrics to keep tabs on both your performance and profitability. What are your profits?  Per minute?  Per day?  Per month? How are your carriers performing?  Which provider benefits your business the most? Can you export call detail records when needed? Reporting is... Read More »

Imagine selling Hosted PBX and UCaaS services that are easy to configure.

Looking for an Easy-to-Use Hosted PBX solution?

Service providers offering Hosted PBX need a solution that enables them to quickly and easily configure the UCaaS services they offer to their users. Common challenges faced by Hosted PBX service providers: Scalability, to serve any size business customer. Supporting popular PBX features that users demand. Easily adding and deleting extensions. End user self-care portals.... Read More »

Easily offer Hosted PBX and other VoIP services supporting any compatible device your users need.

What Devices are Compatible for VoIP?

When operating a VoIP service business, you will need to make important decisions about devices you support, and help your end users to understand what devices are compatible with your services. Is your softswitch limited in the types of end-point devices it can handle?  Can you offer VoIP calling via a variety of softphones for... Read More »

Telinta offers highly-flexible billing for ITSPs, with customizable invoices, and more.

Customized Invoices for your VoIP Business

In today’s competitive marketplace, being able to customize your invoices can be an important differentiator for your VoIP service provider business. Invoices are more than just a mere payment vehicle.  They are a reflection of your brand.  When new customers sign up with you for service, they may see your first invoice before they even... Read More »

How can I accept automatic payments for my VoIP business?

How to Accept Automatic Payments
for your VoIP Business

How can you automatically charge your customer’s credit card for VoIP services?  Convenient billing and payment options like auto-pay can make your business a cut above the competition. Automatic payments have obvious benefits for both VoIP providers and customers.  Auto-Pay ensures both uninterrupted service and uninterrupted cash flow – with no surprises.  This is crucial... Read More »

Start a VoIP business quickly and easily, without any hardware or software.

How long does it take
to start a VoIP business?

In the business world, time is money.  In the VoIP world, this is especially true. Telinta often hears the question “How long does it take to start a VoIP business?”  Prospective customers looking to enter the high-profit VoIP marketplace contact us because they want to get up and running quickly, and Telinta has a reputation... Read More »