How can you offer SMS and MMS to your VoIP users? Ask Telinta.

How to offer Messaging with a Mobile Softphone

Messaging via mobile devices is one of the fastest-growing communications services worldwide.  Users are accustomed to sending short, quick messages to the people they interact with, often with photos, and both audio and video clips. For VoIP providers, messaging is an extremely attractive way to compete, and to boost your revenue.  If your competitors offer... Read More »

How can you serve VoIP resellers? Ask Telinta.

Resellers for your VoIP Business

Many VoIP service providers serve not just end users, but other service providers who purchase services to resell them.  Resellers offer economies of scale that can help drive your overall unit costs down, while boosting your profits. Having resellers offers many advantages, but only if you have the right resources to serve them. What do... Read More »

Why pay your softswitch provider for inbound traffic? With Telinta, ITSPs get free inbound and on-net.

Does your Softswitch Provider Charge for Inbound Traffic?

Choosing the right provider for Switching and Billing is perhaps the most important decision your VoIP business will ever make. Do you pay your Softswitch provider for inbound traffic?  Do you pay for on-net traffic that never even leaves your own network? You need a provider that realizes how your VoIP business works, and what... Read More »

ITSPs can offer mobile extensions for Hosted PBX using our brandable mobile softphone app.

QR codes for your VoIP Business

Telinta is often asked, “How can I use QR codes for my VoIP business?” QR codes are a useful tool to help with a variety of business functions.  For VoIP providers (especially those offering VoIP calling from a Mobile Softphone app) QR codes can help build your business quickly and easily by streamlining the set-up... Read More »

How can I offer SIP Trunks? Telinta’s hosted softswitch and billing solution can help you.

How to sell SIP Trunks

Many VoIP service providers may be asking the question “How can I start a SIP Trunk business?” SIP Trunks enable your business to provide the advantages of cost-effective VoIP to customers who still own legacy PBX hardware.  If your customer is not ready to move to a cloud-based solution for Hosted PBX, you can still... Read More »

How to offer Remote Work Solutions? How to start a VoIP business? Ask Telinta.

Offering Remote Work Solutions

Today’s business world requires VoIP providers (and the business customers they serve) to make rapid changes when needed.  The ability to provide Remote Work Solutions is an important part of that. The trend to enable employees to work-from-home when needed is a key cost-saver for many businesses.  In labor shortages, searching for talented employees is... Read More »

Voicemail transcription for your Hosted PBX, Mobile VoIP, and other services: Telinta and Google Cloud.

Affordable Voicemail Transcription with Telinta and Google Cloud

What is voicemail transcription?  Voicemail transcription, also known as voicemail-to-text (v2t) is a capability provided by third-party providers to complement your Telinta service.  This capability requires sending your voicemail to a third-party provider (ie, Google Cloud) who then performs the automated transcription.  The transcribed text is then sent to your user via a predefined email... Read More »

What are the benefits of real-time Call Detail Records (CDRs)? What does a VoIP CDR do?

Real-Time Billing for VoIP

What is Real-Time Billing?  Why is this important for your VoIP business? Billing is one of the most important parts of providing popular VoIP services such as Hosted PBX, SIP Trunks, calling via a Desktop or Mobile Softphone app, Work-from-Home VoIP, prepaid and postpaid VoIP calling, and more. Real-time Billing means that your customer’s Call... Read More »

How will robocall mitigation requirements affect your VoIP traffic? Ask Telinta.

STIR/SHAKEN and your VoIP Business:
Why are my Calls being Blocked?

With recent regulatory changes in the US taking effect on September 28, some VoIP providers may be asking “Why are my calls being blocked?” As part of regulatory efforts to mitigate robocalling, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has put forth a set of requirements (known as STIR/SHAKEN) which all telecom service providers (including VoIP providers,... Read More »

Offer a full portfolio of Hosted PBX features to your customers: Telinta’s Softswitch and Billing

Call Parking for your Hosted PBX business

What is Call Parking? Call Parking is a popular Hosted PBX feature that enables your users to place an active call on hold, which can then be picked up by another PBX extension.   After the call is parked, your user can freely make and receive other calls. This helps your business customers use your PBX... Read More »