Offer Hosted PBX and other VoIP services enabling customers to work from anywhere.

Work from Anywhere?

Today’s business needs are changing, and this creates significant growth opportunities for VoIP service providers. Businesses in virtually all industries, around the world, require the flexibility to enable employees to work from anywhere.  If unforeseen circumstances arise, businesses need a way for employees to make and receive business calls from both home and office. If... Read More »

How can I offer phone numbers from other countries?

How can I sell phone numbers from other countries?

One popular service for VoIP providers is selling services that give your user a phone number from another country. The user can have a local number in one or more countries, so that callers from those countries do not need to pay international toll charges. Your business users may request phone numbers for multiple countries... Read More »

What Hosted PBX features can I offer?


One popular feature for VoIP providers is Voicemail-to-Email.  When your user receives a voicemail, a copy of the recording is sent to a predefined email address as an attachment. This feature is attractive to both business and consumer users.  For travelers, it can be vital. Voicemail-to-Email also brings benefits to the VoIP provider: Increased Minutes... Read More »

Brandable softphone for Windows and Mac, for your VoIP business.

Softphone for Windows and Mac

VoIP providers often need to offer a Softphone application for desktop and laptop computers.  This enables their users to make and receive VoIP calls, without any IP phone hardware.  A Softphone offers an opportunity for added revenue, as well as an advantage over competitors. What’s important in a Softphone for your VoIP business? Is it... Read More »

How can I offer a mobile extension for my Hosted PBX business?

Offering Mobile Extensions for PBX

ITSPs often ask “How can I add a mobile extension for my Hosted PBX users?”  Adding mobility to your PBX services gives you four important advantages: It differentiates your service above competitors who do not offer mobile extensions.  Conversely, if your competitors offer this (and you do not) then your business could fall behind. Mobile... Read More »

Does your softswitch provider sell the same VoIP services you do?

Does your Softswitch provider compete against you?

Many VoIP providers sell services to business customers:  Offices, factories, restaurants, retailers, and a myriad of other business user types. To do this, your hosted softswitch provider becomes the central pillar upon which your ITSP business is built.  It is perhaps the most important decision a VoIP service provider can make. But some hosted softswitch... Read More »

Want to offer Hosted PBX without IP Phones? Telinta can help you.

Hosted PBX without IP Phones?

Have you ever asked “How can I offer Hosted PBX without IP Phones?”  Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs) are often faced with this challenge. Some end user customers do not want to replace their existing analog phone devices.  Other customers might be too small to justify the expense of an IP phone.  Small and home-based... Read More »

Telinta provides you with a cloud-based solution for easily handling credit card transactions.

How to Accept Credit Cards for your VoIP Business

VoIP service providers need to deal with the question “How do I accept credit cards for my VoIP business?” Now more than ever, electronic payment is a vital part of doing business.  Both businesses and consumers enjoy – and expect – the convenience of credit card billing for the VoIP services they buy. Processing credit... Read More »

How can you prepare for STIR/SHAKEN? Telinta’s hosted softswitch is a highly flexible solution for ITSPs.

STIR/SHAKEN and your VoIP Business

Many VoIP service providers will need to make some important decisions regarding new regulations in the US to help combat illegal robocalling that spoofs Caller ID.  Even if your company is not based in the US, this regulation could affect traffic you send to the US. Known as STIR/SHAKEN, the new methodologies may offer upsides... Read More »

Enable your VoIP users to perform self-service functions with Telinta’s brandable end user portals.

Self-Care Portals for your VoIP Users

VoIP users become more and more sophisticated every year.  As they gain experience in configuring a wide variety of other technology services, they want to customize their VoIP services as well.  Self-care portals are important, whether you provide business services like Hosted PBX and SIP Trunks, or consumer services such as prepaid VoIP. Common user... Read More »