How to Win Customer Loyalty in VoIP

How to Win Customer Loyalty

A recent industry report listed statistics on customer loyalty.  What can companies do to win (and keep) the loyalty of their customers? Many of these areas can be addressed by capabilities included in Telinta’s hosted solutions.  Let’s take a closer look: 1. Investing in Loyalty Building loyalty with 5% more customers would lead to an... Read More »

Telinta Wins ITEXPO “Best of Show” Award

Telinta Wins “Best of Show” Award

Telinta today announced that it was awarded ITEXPO’s “Best of Show” Award in recognition of its outstanding contributions advancing the field of IP Communications. Chosen as ITEXPO’s Best Cloud Solution, Telinta’s unique Virtual Office enables VoIP service providers to better serve small business customers.  With Virtual Office, end users can customize their own VoIP solution in the cloud... Read More »

Telinta and VoIP Innovations Team Up for ITSPs

Telinta and VoIP Innovations Team Up

Telinta has built a comprehensive ecosystem of partners to help our customers succeed.  Today, we announced a joint-promotion with VoIP Innovations, North America’s leading wholesale VoIP services provider and a Telinta partner.  Via an integrated API, Telinta customers can easily access their VoIP Innovations account directly from Telinta’s cloud-based TeliCoreTM softswitch platform.  This means VoIP service... Read More »

How Businesses can use VoIP to Satisfy Customers

8 Ways your Clients can use VoIP to Better Satisfy Customers

VoIP is such a versatile technology, it enables your business customers to benefit in many areas, including providing world-class customer service to their own customers. When your customers benefit, so do you! A recently published report lists 8 important ways your business customers can enhance their own Customer Service using the VoIP services you offer to... Read More »

IT Expo: A Premier Event for the VoIP Industry

ITEXPO: A Premier Event for the VoIP Industry

Telinta will participate at the upcoming ITEXPO to be held in in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on January 26-28, 2016.  ITEXPO is an industry-leading event where over 6,000 Internet Telephony professionals from around the world gather together. Each year, Telinta exhibits at ITEXPO, meeting with our customers, partners and friends.  The event is an excellent opportunity to... Read More »

VoIP Termination and Call Routing

A Closer Look at VoIP Termination and Call Routing

Why doesn’t Telinta offer VoIP Termination?  The answer is simple.  We give our customers the freedom of choice! One advantage that sets Telinta above the rest is that we offer our customers the freedom to use any VoIP Termination carrier they want (as many as they want).  Switching providers who force you to take their... Read More »

Debunking Five Myths about VoIP

Debunking Five Myths about VoIP

A recent discussion in VoIP News shed some light one five misconceptions about VoIP, helping VoIP service providers easy replies, should new clients ask VoIP questions. The discussion points out that voice calls are still the most important mode of communication for contemporary businesses.  “Research shows that the phone has a significant lead over any... Read More »

APIs for your VoIP Business!

APIs are the Way to Do Business!

Telephony Magazine recently published a feature article explaining the value of doing business via Application Programming Interfaces, APIs.  The article cited external experts, such as Forrester Research, who called APIs “the poster child of digital transformation” and Gartner, who believes that “half of all business-to-business collaboration will take place through web APIs by 2017, and... Read More »

MVNO + Mobile VoIP

MVNO + Mobile Softphone = Seamless Mobile Solution

Integration is “in” – now more than ever. One major advantage in doing business with Telinta is that our full portfolio of white label solutions for VoIP service providers can easily be bundled and billed together. For mobile, Telinta has taken this integration one step further between Telinta’s innovative TeliSIMTM MVNO solution and Telinta’s TeliGlobeTM... Read More »

Working at Home

Work at Home Employment Grows

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics released a study showing that 23% (nearly one in four employees) worked from home.  This trend has grown steadily for over a decade. This growth is good news for VoIP service providers who can offer work at home employees the seamless communications they demand.  Hosted PBX solutions can easily... Read More »