Telinta Adds New IP Phone Profile for Cisco Small Business SPA 504G VoIP Phone

Telinta has released a new IP phone profile for Cisco small business SPA 504G VoIP phone, which is available now on Telinta’s Hosted PortaSwitch.

Telinta Adds IP Phone Profile for Cisco SPA 504G

The new IP phone profile enables service providers to mass provision end-users devices directly from the Telinta’s PortaSwitch administrative interface without the need to configure IP phones on customer premises.  The auto-provisioning feature of Telinta’s hosted PortaSwitch enables SPA 504G IP phones to automatically download their configuration directly from Telinta’s servers based on each account’s ID and password.

Cisco SPA 504G 4-Line IP Phone is a successor to the popular Linksys SPA9xx series.  Including a variety of features and flexible service parameters, the Cisco phone employs the benefits of IP telephony while attends to the needs of business users.

Having been tested to guarantee the interoperability of Cisco SPA 504G 4-Line IP Phone with Telinta’s Hosted PortaSwitch, Telinta’s new SPA 504G phone profile enables service providers to quickly roll out competitive, feature-rich services to their customers.