Celebrating Our 22-Year Anniversary!

Since February of 2002, Telinta has helped VoIP service providers from around the globe succeed.  We are very proud to provide the most reliable, flexible, scalable and secure solutions.  Whether your business is just starting out, or already established, Telinta can help you.

Over the past 22 years, Telinta has grown as a company and we are now trusted worldwide as a premier provider of hosted VoIP switching and billing solutions.

Some examples of major milestones we’ve crossed include:

State of the Art Facilities

  • In 2013, Telinta relocated to the Meet-Me Room within one of the industry’s leading data centers.  165 Halsey Street is a 1.2 million square-foot facility located just minutes from New York City.  This move demonstrates our commitment to providing the very best to our customers.  Prior to our current location, Telinta was hosted in premier facilities located in the New York area…(more)
  • In addition to our core facilities in the US, Telinta has additional infrastructure in Europe.
  • Telinta’s Development Lab, opened in 2007, is second to none and acts as the center of our custom development and solution testing.

Proven Success, Maximum Uptime

  • Even under extreme conditions, Telinta has proven that it provides maximum uptime to keep your business operating with uninterrupted service.  This includes zero downtime during the 2003 New York City power blackout, as well as Hurricane Sandy in 2012, a major storm that swept across the east coast of the US… (more)


  • In 2002, began operations and provided 24/7 Technical Support, making our highly trained engineers available anytime day or night, no matter what time zone you are in.  As our support capabilities grew, the Telinta team grew with it.  We recruited the industry’s best and brightest talent, and put them through rigorous training, to assist our customers 24 x 7 x 365.

Partnerships to Benefit our Customers

  • Telinta has partnered with industry-leading companies like DIDWW, IDT, Bandwidth, TransNexus, Prepay Nation, Snom, DT One, VoIP Innovations, and other companies to bring our customer added savings and special pricing.  When you become a Telinta customer, you may qualify for special promotions offered by our partners.  With Telinta, membership has its benefits… (more)

Technical Milestones over the Years

Over the years, Telinta has grown to understand the types of innovation that provides our customers with a competitive edge.  With an in-depth understanding of the VoIP business, Telinta launched new solutions that help our customers succeed.

  • Redundant Infrastructure – deploying additional facilities in premier data centers across the US and around the world… (more).
  • WebRTC – enables your users to make and receive calls using their web browser, without needing to install software… (more)
  • Auto-Provisioning Profiles, streamlining the provisioning of IP phones from Aastra,  Cisco,  Grandstream,  Panasonic,  Polycom, Snom,  VTech,  Yealink and other leading manufacturers…  (more)
  • TeliGlobeTM Mobile Softphone – with options for branding and customization … (more)
  • In-App Sign-Up for TeliGlobeTM Mobile Softphone – enables new users to create an account directly from the app … (more).
  • MMS support for TeliGlobeTM Mobile Softphone … (more)
  • Call encryption for TeliGlobeTM Mobile Softphone … (more)
  • TeliSIMTM MVNO – an entirely new methodology bringing GSM technology into Telinta’s cloud-based softswitch platform … (more)
  • Virtual Office – enables your small business customers to assemble their own telecom solutions in the Cloud … (more)
  • WebRTC / Virtual Office Integration – Virtual Office users can make and receive WebRTC calls using the brandable, multi-language self-care portal, expanding Telinta’s robust portfolio of Remote Work Solutions… (more)
  • Audio-Conferencing/Virtual Office Integration – Virtual Office users can easily add conference calling via our unique TeliConTM solution…  (more)
  • Voicemail Transcription – unique plug-in for highly cost-effective v2t services from Google Cloud in over 125 languages.  (more)
  • Click-to-Call / WebRTC Integration – Website visitors can place a WebRTC call directly to your sales agents by clicking on a customizable TeliClickTM icon, without needing a mobile or fixed line phone, and without leaving the website...  (more)
  • Desktop Softphone – brandable Desktop Softphone application for Windows, Mac, and Linux… (more).
  • Operator Panel and BLF for Desktop Softphone – enables users to see “at a glance” which extensions are busy on an active call or available… (more).
  • Wholesale DID and Toll-Free Number solution – TeliCore switching, billing, portals, and payment options combine for a powerful Wholesale DID solution…  (more)
  • TeliConTM – audio-conferencing solution to help you win business customers… (more)
  • CallMonTM – our real-time analysis tool, helps customers keep a close watch on both performance and profitability… (more)
  • TeliShieldTM – our cutting edge suite of fraud protection tools … (more)
  • TeliAssistantTM – our interactive support tool helping customers perform key functions on our TeliCore platform… (more)
  • TeliClickTM –  our feature-rich white label click-to-call solution… (more)
  • Distributor Interface – our brandable portal allowing customers to better provide white label services for Calling Cards and other services… (more)
  • Mobile Top-Up functionality, with APIs for leading mobile top-up providers, which can  also be included in our Distributor Interface and Customer Self-Care Portal… (more)
  • Website Samples – to help VoIP service providers design their own webpages… (more)
  • New solutions for Hosted PBX, Call Centers and Audio-Conferencing…  (more)
  • Deluxe Call Shop Interface, allowing you to brand each and every Call Shop you serve… (more)
  • Web Signup Tool-Kit, with many features that can be integrated into virtually any existing web site.
  • New Hosted PBX Features – Over a dozen features added, offering new capabilities for calling, account creation and billing…  (more)
  • phone.systemsTM integration – Offering a drag-and-drop interface from DIDWW as an alternative to Telinta’s other Hosted PBX solutions… (more)
  • Fax over IP – Tested and partnered with T38fax for improved fax over IP (FoIP) quality…  (more)
  • Windows-based softphone which can be branded any way you need… (more)
  • In-Progress Call Indicator for Call Shops… (more)
  • External Storage – Easily export call recordings for external storage at AWS, Google, Dropbox, and other options…  (more)
  • SWIP Reassignment for IP Addresses, making our white label solutions completely private.  With this option, IP Address look-ups can show your company listed… (more)
  • Voice VPN, enabling our customers to reach more locations worldwide with the security they require… (more)
  • SOAP API, making our platform easy to integrate into your own website or online applications… (more)
  • H.323 / SIP transparent conversion, making H.323 devices and SIP devices work together seamlessly… (more)
  • AJAX self-care interface(more)
  • SSL certificates under our customers’ own brand, taking white label solutions to a whole new level… (more)