Telinta Offers Custom PIN and PINLESS IVR on Cisco VoIP Gateways

Telinta introduced flexible Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications for PIN and PINLESS calling cards based on industry-standard Cisco VoIP Gateways.  Telinta’s IVR applications are developed in-house and can be easily modified for customized prompts and functionality such as voucher recharge, various balance announcement options, account to account funds transfer, caller-id management for PINLESS accounts, and many other customer-requested features.

Telinta IVR can be customized for specific customer requirements.  Early customer feedback indicates that the IVR implementation based on Cisco gateways is more flexible and more robust compared to the capabilities offered by the standard PortaUM calling card module.

Telinta customers can chose to install Telinta IVR applications on their own Cisco gateways with assistance from the Telinta support team.  For a full hosted solution, Telinta will also offer IVR hosting on Telinta’s Cisco IVR routers collocated with the hosted PortaSwitch system.  Interested clients should contact for more information.