Can the new E911 law help your Hosted PBX business?

Kari’s Law could be good news for ITSPs, as business customers retire their legacy PBXs.The FCC will soon begin enforcing new mandates signed into law for 911 calls made from multi-line telephone systems (MLTS) such as those in office buildings and hotels.

Known as “Kari’s Law” it requires service providers in the US to enable end users to call 911 without needing to dial a prefix for an outside line.  This, and other requirements, take effect on February 16, 2020.

Signed into federal law in 2018, the bill provided a two-year window for the industry to prepare for the change.  It is named for Kari Hunt Dunn, who died while her 9-year old daughter was unable to dial 911 because she didn’t know she had to dial “9” for an outside line from their hotel phone.

According to Telecom Reseller, a well-known industry journal, Kari’s Law could become “One of many reasons for businesses to consider retiring their aging TDM PBXs…”  The journal cited this as a major factor that will shape the industry in 2020.

This could be good news for service providers offering cutting-edge cloud-based Hosted PBX services that can easily replace outdated legacy on-site PBX hardware which may not be compliant with the new federal law.  Hosted PBX not only offers flexible software-based capabilities to help with your E911 compliance, but it provides impressive VoIP features and cost savings calling that many legacy PBXs cannot match.

These can all be powerful selling points to help you win business customers, both small and large.

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