Looking for an Easy-to-Use Hosted PBX solution?

Imagine selling Hosted PBX and UCaaS services that are easy to configure.Service providers offering Hosted PBX need a solution that enables them to quickly and easily configure the UCaaS services they offer to their users.

Common challenges faced by Hosted PBX service providers:

  • Scalability, to serve any size business customer.
  • Supporting popular PBX features that users demand.
  • Easily adding and deleting extensions.
  • End user self-care portals.
  • Handling fax with quality.
  • Compatibility with SIP end points (IP phone, softphone, ATA).
  • Flexible billing and payment, with full control over pricing.
  • Supporting resellers with a totally white-label solution.
  • Ability to control routing and select your own carriers.
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Telinta has teamed up with DIDWW to offer an easy-to-use Hosted PBX solution.  phone.systemsTM is a unique Hosted PBX solution from DIDWW, integrated with Telinta’s cloud-based softswitch, real-time billing, and brandable multi-language portals.

phone.systemsTM includes an intuitive drag-and-drop user interface, where configurations are instantly activated as they are graphically assembled.  The solution is highly scalable, enabling VoIP providers to serve simple home-based businesses, to complex multi-location enterprises.

Features include Call Queuing, Ring Groups, IVR, Voicemail, Conference Calling, Call Recording, Fax via G711u and T.38, Attended and Unattended Call Transfers.

This brandable solution enables you to control your own pricing, create your own subscription plans and promotions, and more.  Use your own carriers for DIDs and VoIP Termination.

You can easily add our brandable Mobile Softphone for both Android and Apple iOS, our Desktop Softphone for both Windows and Mac, and even our WebRTC solution for VoIP calling via your user’s own browser.

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