Hosted PBX without IP Phones?

Want to offer Hosted PBX without IP Phones? Telinta can help you.Have you ever asked “How can I offer Hosted PBX without IP Phones?”  Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs) are often faced with this challenge.

Some end user customers do not want to replace their existing analog phone devices.  Other customers might be too small to justify the expense of an IP phone.  Small and home-based businesses might prefer to use their existing landline or mobile phones.  In these cases, if an ITSP requires the customer to move to IP phones, it could cost them the deal.

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Telinta offers a unique solution specially designed for you to offer Hosted PBX to these customers.  Our unique award-winning Virtual Office solution provides a rich selection of PBX features, without requiring IP phones.

Your users can easily route calls to their existing landline or mobile phone, or to a convenient softphone application for desktop computers or mobile phones – all without the need of an IP phone.

Virtual Office enables your users to sign-up online, and navigate through a series of brandable self-serve portals to customize their own solution.  Users can select their own DIDs and Toll-Free numbers, add extensions, set up IVR and auto-attendants, record their own greetings, configure business hours, and route calls however they choose.

With Virtual Office, the PBX set-up is in your user’s hands, freeing you up to run more important parts of your VoIP business.  With online sign-up, your PBX business is no longer limited to your local area.  You can sell services across the country or around the world.

For customers on-the-go, Virtual Office can easily be integrated with our brandable Mobile Softphone app for both Android and Apple iOS, our brandable Desktop Softphone for both Windows and Mac, and our brandable WebRTC solution for web-based calling without installing a software application.

Telinta also enables you to complement your Virtual Office with premium add-on capabilities like fax, conference calling, voicemail transcription, and other attractive options to help boost your revenue.

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