How is Telinta Different?

Why should you choose our award-winning hosted softswitch?  Telinta has distinct advantages that can help your business succeed.

PortaSwitch, Together with Telinta’s Proprietary Tools

Our TeliCore platform includes the industry-leading PortaSwitch from PortaOne.  This world-class softswitch is a key component of our TeliCore platform.

Over the years, Telinta has worked closely with our customers to understand their needs.  By understanding what our customers need to succeed, we developed our own proprietary tools, plug-ins, new features and solutions that add functionality and streamline key processes.  These are not found in the standard PortaSwitch, and help make TeliCore truly unique in the industry!

Since 2002, TeliCore has satisfied the most demanding needs for high-quality cost-effective VoIP services.

Highly Stable Platform, Maximum Uptime, Proven Success

Reliability and stability are of utmost importance to Telinta.  Our carrier-grade platform provides the performance and interoperability that both small and large VoIP service providers can rely on.

Our infrastructure is designed with built-in redundancy, resiliency, and fail-over capabilities.  It is designed to withstand the types of issues that might cause downtime for other switching providers, such as power outages and network failures.

We have designed TeliCore with redundancy in mind.  Paths between critical servers, switches, and routers are designed so that there is no single point of failure.  Redundant connectivity to the Internet is achieved by physically diverse paths to multiple major carriers.  Critical servers, switches and routers are also duplicated.  Telinta has proven success at swapping out key components, helping prevent downtime.

World-Class Technical Support
Telinta offers world-class service and 24×7 live Technical Support from our highly trained team of engineers. We also provide each new customer with extensive training to help them get started. Telinta also provides documentation and other online resources. We are confident that there isn’t better Support anywhere in the industry, and we’d love the opportunity to prove it to you!

When you sign up as a Telinta customer, we assign one of our senior engineers to provide you with personalized training to help you get started.  Through a series of live desktop conferences, we’ll show you how to perform the key functions found in TeliCore’s interface.

You can have as many of your staff members participate in these interactive training sessions as you need. We will guide you step by step, so that by the end of this hands-on training you will be performing key functions yourself, with our Trainer there to guide you. This hands-on training is customized to meet your needs.

Competitive Volume-Based Pricing
Telinta offers pricing plans based on your needs.  Our per-minute pricing decreases significantly as your volume grows.  As your cost per minute drops, your profit per minute can increase helping your business grow.
Highly Scalable
Scalability is vital for VoIP service providers.  That is why TeliCore is highly scalable with virtually unlimited capacity for concurrent calls, number of resellers, termination and origination vendors, customers, tariffs and more.  With TeliCore, your switching and billing capabilities grow with your business.
Interoperability is an important part of your VoIP business. TeliCore is compliant with industry standards and will function seamlessly with any other compliant switch, SIP endpoint, softphone or other device.
Highly Customizable
TeliCore is designed with to be highly flexible and customizable to meet your special requirements.  Our in-house developers are experts in customizing solutions that can meet the unique needs of your business, and give you an edge over your competition.  We are experts in VoIP and have significant experience in developing custom solutions.
Your own IP Addresses, Domains, SSL Certificates

Offering white label solutions is the only way Telinta does business.  Unlike other hosted VoIP switch providers, with our service your customers and resellers will never see the Telinta brand in URLs or portals.  For added privacy, we can reassign IP addresses to you.  You can use your own domain names and we can even change reverse DNS to provide any domain name you need.

Additionally, Telinta’s Support can generate a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) for you to sign with the trusted third-party, i.e. Network Solutions or GoDaddy, and Telinta’s Support will install the signed SSL certificate on the web server to prove web portals authenticity to your visitors.

Built-in APIs

TeliCore has a comprehensive SOAP API which can be used to control key capabilities. Our API enables VoIP service providers to integrate Telinta’s customizable portals into their own websites, providing a seamless experience for end users.

Also, Telinta realizes that a successful VoIP business often includes a mosaic of services that help you meet customer needs.  Through APIs from industry-leading companies, TeliCore makes it fast and easy to access your accounts with providers of DIDs, mobile top-up, E911, popular consumer payment options, and other services that compliment your business.  All this, from one easy-to-use platform!

Daily Managed Backups
TeliCore performs daily backups of all servers and billing data.  This state-of-the-art backup process will replicate your data.  TeliCore can play a vital role in your overall plan for Disaster Recovery, helping to keep you up and running at all times.
Financially Secure
We understand how important it is for VoIP service providers to work with stable, trustworthy partners.  With continuous operations since 2002, Telinta has a proven, solid, debt-free financial history.  You can trust that we will be here for years to come.

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